Buying a Home In Massachusetts? Let Rick Inspect Your Most Important Investment!

The home-buying process in Massachusetts can be very stressful, and nothing could be worse than suddenly finding out that there are major defects with the property you just purchased. Our thorough and professional home inspections help ensure your familiarity with the home and the condition of its major systems. Our findings are then presented to you in our comprehensive inspection report. Once you have this critical information in hand, it will give your confidence in your purchasing decision.

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Have Questions?

What is a home inspection?

ASHI defines it as; The process by which an inspector visually examines the readily accessible systems and components of a home and which describes those systems and components in accordance with the ASHI Standards of Practice.

We feel it’s more than that. Quite simply, we feel it’s peace of mind. Peace of mind in knowing the condition of your potential new home is what you can live with. We often tell our customers there’s no such thing as a perfect house. If you’re looking for one, you may want to stop looking. During our inspection, we review over 400 items throughout the home. As much as we’re trained to recognize construction and major system defects, there will most always be maintenance or upgrade concerns. Know what you can live with and what you cannot. A seasoned home inspector can point out both the good and bad, the serious and the not-so serious.

The home inspection is your opportunity to not only find deficiencies but learn about the house as well.

Learn where the utility shut offs and disconnects are. Learn which systems require what type of maintenance and when. Use this time to measure a few windows or confirm a room size.

NOTE: An important reality to understand of a pre-purchase inspection is that conditions often change between the time of our inspection and the date the property conveys to you. This time span can range from a day, to even six months or more. American Home Inspections URGES their clients to perform a complete, thorough walk through inspection just PRIOR to the closing. We offer a walk through checklist for this purpose. Please feel free to print it and use it as a guide when doing the final walk through of your new home.

How long does an inspection take?
Our inspections take between two and four hours. Depending on the complexity of the systems in the home, the condition of the property and how many questions you have. We want you to feel comfortable that you've had all your questions answered.
What kind of report will be provided?
We provide a computer generated report with photos. A typical report will have anywhere from twelve to seventy five pictures. Depending on the condition of the property.
How long will it take to get my report?
We understand the time constraints you're under. Most reports are available within two hours of the completion of the inspection.
Can I be present at the inspection?
Absolutely! We strongly encourage you to attend and ask questions.
Why should I have a home inspection?
A home purchase is one of the largest investments you will ever make. A professional inspection helps provide the information you need to feel confident about it. After receiving our thorough, objective report detailing the homes condition, you’ll be able to make a smart, informed decision.
  • Rick Contonio was fantastic. Really thorough -- and super patient.  He listened to (all of) our concerns and took great care to make sure everything we had on our minds was addressed (which took a lot longer than he probably thought it would.) He knows so much about so many things. We've had quite a few inspectors in our tenure as homeowners, and Rick was by far the most informed.  And -- he's a super friendly and pleasant guy!  Stellar.

    K.P. - Westboro, MA
  • We were so pleased with the service. extremely professional, yet so kind and helpful!

    G.C. - Rutland, MA
  • We had a wonderful experience with the house inspection and learned a ton of things about our new house and even things to look at in our existing house!

    T.B. - Westboro, MA
  • Thank you for making the inspection process enjoyable and understandable! I felt all my questions were addressed honestly and that the inspection was detailed and very thorough. I would recommend to everyone!

    K.M. - Northboro, MA
  • Rick was very detailed in his investigation and did a wonderful job of explaining what he saw & why. The home he inspected for us had some features that were new to us and he was very patient & courteous with us. He even took some time out to look over a few items that did not necessarily fit into his scope of investigation. I would highly recommend Rick for any home inspection.

    C.T. - Northboro, MA
  • Excellent and thorough, would recommend to friends and family. Courteous and took the time to explain things as well as address any concerns. 10/10

    T.C. - Millbury, MA
  • Buying a new house is not something I take lightly. I only understand the basic concepts of electrical, plumbing, etc. so I rely on a trained eye to not only see the issues but also tell me when things are done properly. We had a home inspection today with Richard Contonio in Charlton, MA and he was very thorough and took the time to explain the good as well as the not so good. He also was able to put the deficiencies into context as far as major or minor issues. We definitely feel more comfortable about what we are buying after talking to Rick.

    M.C. - Charlton, MA
  • Mr. Contonio was great. He was there early and stayed until my concerns were addressed. Very through and knowledgeable inspector.

    M.P. - Wilmington, MA
  • What a great guy! Rick was so patient and answered all of my questions. Highly recommend this service!

    E.G. - Auburn, MA
  • Service was EXCELLENT! Will recommend to others and use again.

    J.L. - Holden, MA
  • Very thorough. This should be the industry standard. We have used Rick in the past and would not have it any other way. I have seen other inspectors not even bother with the great detail you provide. Thank you so much, well worth the investment.

    J.B. - Marlboro, MA
  • I felt very comfortable with my inspector. Buying a home can be a very stressful time. Rick was very professional taking time to listen and address questions we had. He showed us things we might overlook that a trained professional like Rick would not.

    R.H. - Boylston, MA
  • The inspector was thorough, paid attention to details, and answered all of our questions.

    J.H. - Worcester, MA
  • Our inspector spent a long time explaining everything to us and answered all of our questions. We were extremely happy with his review. He pointed out all concerns and helped us understand the house as well.

    B.S. - Maynard, MA
  • Thanks for making this such an easy and informative process. It was well worth the small investment.

    M.M. - Holden, MA
  • We learned a lot about our new home during the inspection and the timely return of our home inspection report was a tremendous help...

    H.N. - Westboro, MA
  • We were very pleased with your services. We would definitely recommend you to anyone considering a home inspection

    S.L. - Millbury, MA
  • ...courteous, thorough and very professional...Thank you!

    H.F. - Worcester, MA